Greg and Melanie

The Doctors

Dr. Gregory Hawthorne, D.C.

Dr. Melanie Hawthorne, D.C.

Doctors Greg and Melanie Hawthorne are graduates of Palmer College of Chiropractic. The Hawthornes began their practice in 1982 and have been serving the High Country community ever since.

Dr. Greg began studying the Activator Method technique in 1988 and eight years later reached the Advanced Proficency level of training.This is the highest level and trains the practitioner not only in back and neck related problems but also the extremities. They like this technique because of the variety of conditions they are able to care for. Common conditions treated are back and neck pain, TMJ (Jaw) problems, shoulder and rotator cuff issues, hip joint dysfunctions, mechanical knee problems and foot/ankle conditions especially related to Plantar Fascitis. His specialty of the gentle, low force care utilizing the Impulse adjusting instrument is very effective for a variety of ages and health conditions. (Click here for information on Impulse Adjusting or here to learn about the Activator Technique).

*Dr. Greg is currently on a leave of absence and not scheduling.*

Dr. Melanie is proficient with the activator as well. She was raised in a Chiropractic family and has adopted a lifestyle of health thru chiropractic care, exercise, and healthy eating for many years now. She is currently practicing full-time.

Both of the doctors enjoy running, hiking, gardening, and travel in their leisure time. They eat a diet low in carbs and processed foods and live a clean, healty, organic lifestyle along with regular supplementation.

Hawthorne Chiropractic was voted Best of the Best in the High Country for 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 by their patients and the community.