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For our Patients without insurance:

We request that all fees be paid at the time of each visit. We accept check, cash or credit/debit card. we are also happy to offer special prepayment plans.

For our patients with insurance:

Please understand that your health or accident insurance policy is an agreement between you and your insurance carrier. Therefore, you must understand and agree that all services in our office are directly charged to you and are your personal responsibility.
As a courtesy, we will provide you with itemized statements to send to your insurance company.

Financial Arrangements:

Our fees have been established to be reasonable and affordable to you, whether or not you have insurance coverage.

If you have any financial concerns, please speak directly to us.

Mission Statement:

True health is a God given right we all deserve. The chiropractic adjustment we provide makes receiving that gift possible.

Health is amongst our most valuable posessions... Guided by Innate Intelligence.